At The Marshall Gallery of Fine Art we are seeking new artists that fit our gallery in style, genre, but most importantly quality. We prefer artists who are experienced and have a track record of sales, preferably success with a gallery. Our goal is to carry high-end fine art.

If you are an artist interested in being represented by The Marshall Gallery of Fine Art in Scottsdale, AZ, you should follow these steps to be considered:

  1. Review our website or visit the gallery to familiarize yourself with our work
  2. If you feel your art would fit our gallery or you have something to offer, send your resume and portfolio to with the following subject line:

Artist For Consideration: (your name)

  1. Wait patiently. Please do not call or visit if you do not hear from us. We may or may not get back to everyone who contacts us.
  2. If we have an interest in representing you, we will contact you.

If you know any of our current artists, please let us know as a reference.

The Marshall Gallery of Fine Art deals in art on consignment from our carefully chosen family of artists. However, occasionally, we may be willing to take on pieces for consignment from collectors and owners. This is very rare and it is completely up to the gallery’s discretion. If you have a piece you would like us to consider selling for you, send an email to with “Resale for Consideration: (name of artist)” in the subject line. We will respond if we are interested in pursuing the consignment further. If we do not reply, we are not interested. Thank you for considering us.