Rachel Abrams

“The first impression is always the right one” – Rachel Abrams

Rachel Abrams

From: Arizona | Medium: Oil on Canvas

Rachel Abrams, a European-trained contemporary artist, is a master of composition and design. Her main scope is to capture moments and first impressions on canvas. Rachel claims that “the first impression is always the right one,” and she tries accurately to depict dynamic subjects (usually human figures and animals) in relation to light in its ever-changing qualities. Movement is a crucial element in her depiction of the human perception and experience

Rachel also tries to find the essence of the figure itself by getting rid of all visual noise. Rather than delineating the details of the subject, Abrams recreates the sensation in the eye that views it by distilling the tri-dimensional reality in a two-dimensional interpretation that preserves the immediacy, the movement, and the light.

Artist Statement

“The first impression is always the right one” – Rachel Abrams

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