How Do You Display Ceramic Art Sculptures In Your Home?

Ceramic art has long been a popular form of artistic expression in ancient and modern civilizations, dating back thousands of years. This art form not only makes containers for storing liquids or serving meals, but it also serves as decoration when created into a sculpture, which is becoming a more popular option for decorating your home.

People might not know that there are many ways to display ceramic art sculptures in your home. For example, you can put the sculptures on a mantel or table and group them together, or hang them from the ceiling with string. You can also use shelves for smaller items or bookshelves for larger pieces.

Ceramic sculptures, unlike two-dimensional art, require more than simply the right wall to be displayed. Finding the best spot to exhibit these multi-dimensional pieces may appear challenging at first, but with these pointers, you'll be presenting sculptures like a master in no time.

Consider Where You Plan To Put Your Artwork

These sculptures are meant to be appreciated from several angles, much like three-dimensional art. They're comparable to seeing a play at the round stage rather than a traditional proscenium theater. While placing them in the middle of the living room may appear to be an easy option, if it hinders the flow of traffic in the area, you should reconsider this option.

Try to place ceramic art in the corner of your room or against a wall, rather than obstructing traffic flow through doorways and walkways. This will create an interesting focal point for people who visit your home too!

Ceramic Art Sculptures Should Not Be Stacked On Top Of One Another

Stacking ceramic sculptures on top of one another is fine if you're not planning on viewing them from multiple angles at once. However, doing so can often lead to an unattractive display that appears messy or even chaotic when viewed up close without removing each piece first-hand. Instead, try grouping together three small ceramic pieces instead of two larger ones which are hard to see around anyway - it creates more interest by

Displaying At Eye Level Is Generally Suggested For Best Viewing

These eye lines may aid in determining where a sculpture may be placed in the space without interfering with its functioning.

Shelves And Bookcases Are Perfect For Small Sculptures

On the other hand, shelves that are indented into the wall or built into a bookshelf can be used. Side tables in bedrooms and living rooms are excellent locations for keeping items since they're usually out of the way. Lamps on these tables may serve as spotlights while also lighting up the area and artwork.

Arrange Them In A Group

Arrange the sculptures into groups based on a topic, era, or kind. For a zoo theme, a few animal sculptures, geometric forms for a modern design, or a historical theme, you may use a few animal sculptures. The sculpture layout should blend well with the surrounding environment. Before you acquire or arrange the pieces, think about how they will bring aesthetic interest to the area.

By Dru Bloomfield -, CC BY 2.0,

Light Them Up!

No, not set them on fire! Make sure your works of art are properly lit. Daylight and diffused light from a variety of sources will highlight the pieces without hiding their best features. When a sculpture is free of shadows, or when the cast shadow is muted or progressive, it appears beautiful.

Place translucent sculptures on an illuminated base to emphasize their transparency. Avoid putting lights directly beneath a sculpture since it will give it a creepy glow. Also, avoid lighting the artwork from behind because this will make it more difficult to see.

We hope you found this article helpful! Now that you know how to display ceramic art sculptures in your home, we would love for you to share them with your friends. If you need any help finding the perfect sculpture for your space, we're here and ready to answer any of your questions. Call us today!

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