A Buyer's Guide for Buying from an Art Gallery

by Marshall | Art Gallery

Whether you're new to the art world, or a seasoned collector looking for something new, buying from an art gallery can be both exciting and intimidating. While galleries are known to have some of the best pieces in town, it's important that buyers know what they want before making their way through the door. From understanding pricing to knowing when it's appropriate to negotiate with a dealer, there are many things that go into buying from an art gallery. Whether you're just beginning your search or have already found "the one", this guide has everything you need to know about finding and purchasing works at an art gallery! 

Know Your Style Before Buying Art From An Art Gallery

It's important to know what kinds of art you prefer. What mediums are more to your liking? These questions will help you determine the style and types of artwork that would be a perfect fit for your home.

If you enjoy contemporary art, then buying from an art gallery is a great choice because there are many different styles to suit all tastes!

Another benefit of shopping at an art gallery is having access to experienced staff members who can answer any questions or concerns about specific pieces that can help with the style that you want.

Find Out The Shipping Details Before Buying Art From An Art Gallery

Some of the questions you should be asking include:

  • How long does it take to deliver?
  • What are your return policies if the item is damaged or faulty upon delivery?
  • Are you willing to pay for international shipping fees if I want an original piece of art that's not available in my country right now but would like it sent there later on?
  • What are your requirements regarding customs and brokers fees?

This will help buyers feel more comfortable before they purchase anything!

Check With The Gallery If There Are Added Costs When Buying Art

This is important to make sure you are aware of all fees associated with the purchase.

Some galleries charge commissions because they want to sell their artists' work, and in turn receive money for the space that was rented out for shows. They also pay an insurance policy on your behalf; this protects both parties if anything goes wrong while you have possession of the artwork. 

Gallery staff could be working there exclusively just to help customers find what they’re looking for by showing them different pieces or explaining the different techniques used by each artist throughout history. However, sometimes these costs can add up to thousands quickly so it's best to plan ahead before going down. It doesn't hurt to ask, either.

There are many different things you can do to ensure your purchase is stress-free and profitable in the long run. If you’re buying art with someone else, make sure they know what their budget is for this specific piece or collection so there aren't any disagreements later on down the road about how much money was spent compared to everyone's expectations.

The Invoice Proves You Own The Artwork

When you buy art from an art gallery, it's important to make sure that the transaction is documented properly. This means receiving a purchase agreement and invoice when buying artwork. It ensures that both the buyer and seller are in compliance with all state laws regarding sales tax, resale certificates if applicable, licensing or permits for certain types of art or artists, etc., as well as providing documentation for any additional insurances purchased on your new piece of artwork.

The most common type of document received when purchasing art at an art gallery is called a "purchase agreement." A purchase agreement typically outlines what has been agreed upon by both parties during negotiations between the artist and dealer about whom will take legal responsibility if something goes wrong. It typically outlines the purchase price, expected delivery date, and any additional charges like shipping or delivery.

It's important to note that in some cases when buying art at an art gallery you will not receive a written agreement or invoice - but rather just verbal confirmation of your transaction. But the invoice is important. It proves that you are the owner of the art. It also helps to avoid any kind of counterfeit or forged invoice which can be used for tax evasion purposes.

By Dru Bloomfield - https://www.flickr.com/photos/athomeinscottsdale/3836187025/in/photostream/, CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=95427764

Make Sure You Have The Proof Of Authenticity 

When you buy art from a gallery, the most important thing is to make sure that it's authentic. This means that not only have they verified the artist and their work as legitimate but also that any certificates or documentation of authenticity are included with your purchase.

Proof of authenticity can come in many forms depending on how old the artwork is and what type of medium was used to create it. For example, a painting may be accompanied by an infrared copy from a microscope analysis which provides insight into how long ago paint was applied along with information about pigments used at those times. 

Other examples include providing copies of newspaper articles written about specific exhibitions featuring certain artists' works as well as photographs taken during these events - all helpful sources for researching the artists and their work.

When buying from an art gallery, it's important to know your style and know what you're looking for. If you don't have a clear idea of the type of artwork that would suit your taste or decor, we recommend getting in touch with us before making any purchases at an art gallery. We can help guide you through all aspects of buying art online so that not only will you find something beautiful but also meaningful to you and your home! And remember, when dealing with galleries there are always shipping costs involved; make sure these details are ironed out before purchasing anything. Call us today if you need more information about buying art from an art gallery.

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